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Real Time Vineyard Data Trends

Vineyard Yields

Water Utilization and Efficiency 

Irrigation History, Pressure Chamber Readings, Soil Moisture

Pruning Weights

Relative Ripening Data and more Pruning weight sampling map 2005

Aerial Imagery including NDVI

Photos of Vines and Fruit at various stages 2009.

Event History - Bud Break, Bloom, Veraison, Harvest

Ripening History - Brix, Acidities, Nitrogen

Ripeness Data 2009 Data for more recent years is in my Grower's Blogs.

High Density, Multiple Depth, Wireless Soil Moisture.pdf

LeafWaterPotentials and Soil Moistures 2007 + Correlation

Soil Analysis Data

Historical Powdery Mildew Index

Petiole Analyses

Fertigation History

Planting History

The Growers

Note much of the data above has yet to be posted.   It's all still buried in log books and notes but is all important




Sulfites Article


Cultivar and Irrigation Block Map - Interactive Manifold GIS map.

Vine Vigor

Wireless Monitoring and Control

Pictures of various CS3 components

CS3 Xbee Node Map at Camalie Vineyards

My First Web Based Data Server -

A Davis Weather Station with Weatherlink software which pushes graph images and a small amount of data to one of my web servers. Only the indoor barometer is still working.

Annual Weather History Quarterly Weather History Monthly Weather History Current Conditions


Mark's Favorite Pictures from Harvest 2011


Landrover Crash Photos

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