Mark's Favorite Pictures - Harvest 2011

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You won't find any of those little Facebook size pinhead pictures here. You can thank Steve Jobs for his contribution to these photos, making the iPhone 3Gs that was in my pocket when I saw these scenes. The one below looks more like a painting than a photograph. Most of these photos were taken during a two hour period on 10/25/11.

Misty morning on the way to the vineyard.

K1 Harvest 2011. My favorite.

Sunrise over K1.

First light on the K1 vines above the clouds flowing up Redwood Creek.

What can one say about a dog? Always there.


Grapes on the edge of the planet. Again from K1.

Konrad's K1 Vineyard.

The the K in K1 comes from this gentleman, Dr. Konrad. Photo taken with a real camera.

The botrytis flourishing after a very misty morning. It only grows when there is actually "free water" on the grapes, not just high humidity. If you look closely you can see the cameraman's reflection in the water on the grapes. The orange color in the background is Jasper.

Some Muscat Alexander Grapes at Camalie.

Cabernet moons.

Caper blossum in front of some nasturtiums.

All photographs by Mark Holler

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.